Ruby Flower Spa & Massage Center in Ajman

Ruby Spa in Ajman - Al Rashidiya 1 is the best place to relax we have Thai– Vietnamese – Korean – Indian – Arabic - Chinese Services

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Ruby Massage Center near Ramada Hotel

Ruby spa in Al Rashidiya 1 the best Massage Center in Ajman near Ramada Hotel Ajman specializes in all types of full body massage near Al Rashidiya 1 as well as many features and treatments that offer the health benefit of your body with all the amenities and entertainment in Ajman.

Ruby spa has an integrated team of top massage therapists and trainers to experience an unrivaled experience in all the world’s most popular massage treatments, especially Thai massage - Vietnamese massage – Korean Massage– Indian Massage – Arabic Massage - Chinese massage in Ajman near Rashidiya 1 near Markets Cooperative Society

When starting a massage session you will find activated massage for the body With Oil , Our Spa in Rashidiya 1 and high quality products that have been specifically selected for each type of massage within the Ruby spa in Ajman

We always strive to achieve the highest quality and success in the massage service in Al Rashidiya 1 while continuing to offer the best in Ajman, so we invite you to visit Ruby Spa in Ajman and we promise you not to forget this visit.

Our Massage Center Statistics

768 Client Stay
632 Book Session
1024 Happy Customer
256 Awards

Our Female Massage Therapist

We have Thai– Vietnamese – Korean – Indian – Arabic - Chinese ladies who always smile and give you best massage services